Friday, October 11, 2013

Mother of Two

Ok, so I've pretty much proved to be one of the least-consistent bloggers ever. I apologize to anyone who followed me on this blog thinking they would be able to keep up with my life. Apparently, I only write consistently when given a deadline!
If you are a friend of mine on other social media, you already know our family of three is now a family of four. Owen Charles Isham was born on March 11, 2013. He is already a 7-month-old bundle of energy who has mastered crawling and is looking to pull up and walk as soon as he can. He also loves food, especially bananas. And he generally has a smile to share with anyone who will smile at him.
In many ways, Owen is a completely different child than Noah. We were lucky that Owen was born at 36 weeks, so he missed all the preemie issues that Noah had. Owen was also blessed to not have club feet like Noah. Personality wise, Owen seems more curious, and he always has to be moving. For that reason, I feel exhausted most of the time. Big brother Noah does the best he can to help entertain Owen, but many times I feel like I've just started a project when Owen becomes fussy and demands my attention. So for my family and friends out there who feel like they are being ignored, I am sorry!
Taking the advice of other moms, I am trying to enjoy every moment I spend with my boys, even the tired ones. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with them, and I know I will blink and they will both be in school.
As for this blog, I hope that soon I will be able to use it more as a tool to bless other moms. I plan to start doing some research on books, other blogs and other resources that I think will help mothers like me with young children at home. I hope I can share something in future blogs that will bless others. Until that time, thank you for hanging in there with me.

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